Pavitra Rishta 10th April 2012 Written Update
The dinner party is going on .Punni is in the party in her little black dress .
She is waiting for Arjun to ask her for a dance .She is sure that he will start fancying her if he sees her in this dress.She eevn imagines that she is dancing with him .Purvi comes in the blue saree that was gifted to her by Arjun .Punni starts going towards Arjun but Arjun is only looking in one direction .When Punni turns to see where he is looking she is angry that he is looking at purvi who is coming down thestairs and looking very beautiful. Arjun complments her and thanks her for wearing the saree .Someone tells Arjun to ask Miss Deshmukh for a dance ..Arjun takes Purvi to the dance floor .Both Arjun and Purvi are dancing on the song ' dil kyon yeh mera ' .
 Arjun can tell that Purvi is feeling awkward but he tells her that the clients had asked them
 to dance so it wil lonly take 5 minutes .While dancing they both start talking to each other .
Both tell each other that they are feeling awkward as they are not into dancing .Arjun tells Purvi that
 he is not even into movies .Purvi is surprised and tells him that she goes to see a movie every Sunday .
Arjun start telling her that he has only seen 4 movies all his life and that too with his cook and all 
action movies .Purvi is now relaxed and really enjoy this conversation with  Arjun .While this is going  on ,
 Punni is watching both of them and is absolutely burning with anger


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